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Mid Atlantic Finance Company (MAF)
Address: 515 North Sam Houston Pkwy E #180, Houston, TX 77060, USA
Phone: (800) 793-9661
Time Work Monday: 08:00-18:00
Tuesday: 08:00-18:00
Wednesday: 08:00-18:00
Thursday: 08:00-18:00
Friday: 08:00-18:00
Saturday: 08:00-13:00
Sunday: close

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Review Mid Atlantic Finance Company (MAF)

David Resendez | 2017-03-05 15:40:30
Nothing but Hell since they took over rhodes auto sales accounts. 1st I loose my warranty for my vehicle, 2nd after a few payments of setting up automatic debit from my checking account they call and say I'm late on a payment. They say I wasn't set up in auto pay. How the heck did they get my previous payments then, now 3rd strike with Mid Atlantic Finance, on march 1st I get debit for car note and march 2nd I get another debit for car note. I called on march 2nd said its too late account dept closed. I called on march 3rd 8am when they opened I was told issue will be resolved by end of the day. Nothing happened, I called at end of the day and after all the BS they say nothing can be done Till Monday. So I have to accept it and possible overdrafts or late charges to other bills I have. No mid Atlantic said they will not reimburse me if that happens. I have had plenty of finance companies and this is the worst all they do is read their little handbooks and tell you things you want to hear to get you off the phone.
Jazmin Castillo | 2016-11-07 22:21:35
I don't know why everyone is giving this finance company bad reviews. I have been with them for about 4 months. They have been really nice to me no problems what so ever. The dealership was quick to finance with them, they gave me a good monthly quote and got me outta there in about an hour. One time I even fell back on a payment and they gave me 3 weeks to pay it off in payments. We all have that one time where we over spend and run short out of money lol. I LOVE THIS COMPANY!! Reps are always nice to me. If you're belligerent just like any other person they will be belligerent towards you.
zmayday1 | 2017-03-17 05:52:54
Car note was sold off to maf and has been a living nitemare ever since. Set them up with my bank account which was a failure on their end so have to bring in a money order to their North Houston location off of the beltway. Truck was almost repoed due to them not processing a few of the payments but had my money order stubs which saved me . Lets not start on their customer service .....Highly suggest you stay away.
Chrissy Elam | 2017-04-19 18:36:15
Giving this worthless company one star is too good for them. My loan was sold to MAF 2-3 years ago, after the original dealership went out of business. I have just TWO payments left on my car and have never once had a late payment...EVER. The original dealership put on a GPS tracker on my car and being that I have 2 payments left on my car, I called MAF to ask what I need to do about having this removed. I spoke with 2 airheads who barely spoke english and probably have a 4th grade education, seeing as they kept long-pausing after every question I had, and replying to me with "uh........" answers. I was then told that it was MY responsibility to remove the GPS tracker (with my own money). Why is it my responsibility to pay to have it removed, considering the original dealership isn't even in business anymore? I will be closely reviewing my contract paperwork to see if it says anything about it being my responsibility to have this stupid thing removed from my car. Anyone else have this issue, with a GPS tracker on their car, that has been paid off/about to be paid off??
Gigi Clay | 2017-01-27 20:38:55
This is My first review. I have been with Mid -Atlantic for 1 years! I have had my SUV for nearly 2 years,This is a very real review and I am not one of the staff. I'm shocked at all of the reviews but I guess some people just have experienced somethings totally different from what I have. I purchased my car in 2015. during 2015 I actually ran into some unexpected financial hardships. I got back on track, and actually had a good record of making payments for most of the year 2015. February 2016 once again another financial storm. My job laid me off. I contacted mid Atlantic and let them know I had an issue. I got caught up in April of 2016 At first I was a little afraid to speak with the finance company out of fear that they would reposes my car. Well I Prayed and called them anyway! I made all of my regular payments as usual being behind only one month until I got myself all caught up. I got myself caught up in about 2 months. I made good faith payments for all of 2015 into 2016. When I knew that I was gonna miss a payment and it was against my wishes, I contacted my rep of course that only happened once. and let them know. For 2016 I successfully made all of my payments until once again I suffered another bad blow... a "family crisis" and I let my finance company know about it. because I had been so faithful to keep up all payments even though at points and times I got behind one month. This company helped me by putting that payment at the end of my contract /deferment, causing me to fall back on track without the case of having to worry about being behind. My car-note is greater than 500 dollars! My car has never been disabled by a car lot, nor repossessed. I have never in my life had a repossession of no kind!! Thank God!! such as some of the reviews reported on here, I didn't know that car lots did that Wow! I plan to pay my car off soon in-spite of the many circumstances.. My credit was unaffected because I believe because I maintained a good relationship with the company and did make Good Faith Payments. Like I said I'm totally shocked by so many reviews. I actually had to look up just to see if Mid -Atlantic had other locations, I can speak for the Texas location because that's who I'm with. Because I have never in my life had a single issue with any of the reps at all!! Thank God Almighty!! I hope that things may get better for some of you all. I would personally like to Thank Mid Atlantic Finance for looking out for me and helping me in my time of need when things got really tough! I would not mind financing through them again in the future. This company in my opinion is and has been the best financing company that I have ever encountered thus far!! Mid Atlantic keep Up the Good Work!!!

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