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Controlled Credit Corporation
Address: 3687 Warsaw Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45205, USA
Phone: (513) 921-2600

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Misa Caudill | 2015-03-26 01:15:12
I took my son to the hospital in March of 2014, I was under the impression that my insurance was going to cover it completely. Well $505.89 later I keep getting bills from the hospital, but I literally can barely afford my apartment so I was unable to pay it. It ended up going to Controlled Credit Corporation. I set up payments in July for $50 to start in August and was told my last payment would be in May 2015. I had it set up to auto-draft so I had not interacted with them since I set up the payments. Yesterday (3/24/15), I called after seeing that my monthly payment drafted and decided to pay off the $105.89 that should've been left. The woman I talked to said it was $205.89 and drafted my account before I could say anything. We got off the phone very fast. After looking at my bank statements and email receipts from Controlled Credit, I realized that I had over payed by $100. I called back today and the woman I spoke to, Lisa Cadd/Cobb? (not sure what she said, she didn't like having to give me her name), was EXTREMELY rude and kept cutting me off and even at one time during the call said three times "let me finish" when I was not even talking. She went out of her way to be rude. I held my tongue and was staying calm with her, though she had an attitude for no reason. Eventually, after explaining that I just wanted to know what the other $100 was for and her repeating herself about something that was not answering my question and still cutting me off, I lost my temper. I asked to speak to her manager, she said she couldn't transfer me that I would have to call back. I worked in a call center, she could've transferred me. I asked for her name and hung up. I waited to calm down and called back to speak to a manager. He started telling me one of my old addresses before even asking my name or having any information on me. I don't care if they have caller ID, that was not okay. Anyways, I just wanted to make sure that others were aware. If your account gets placed with them, I would call your insurance company or whoever to get it placed somewhere else. I will never make a payment to them again. I know how collection companies work, I wish I had not supported this business by making my payments to them.
Kate Boyle | 2016-01-28 01:28:27
They're rude. I sent a check for my entire balance (which was small) on Jan 13th. Today, Jan 27, I receive a letter from them, rudely asking "why am I avoiding my responsibilities". I called them immediately, and spoke to Carrie/Cari, and she was very curt and rude. She stated they just received and posted my check TODAY, Jan 27th. I asked why it took 2 weeks for it to post, especially when I've mailed checks out of state to other creditors, who all had the checks cashed by the 18th!! Their business seems shady and I wouldn't dare want to give them a credit card #, online or otherwise. They really need to get their sh*t together before sending out letters and being rude, when my payment has probably been sitting on someones desk for 10 days.
Bobbi Elza | 2015-10-04 17:52:56
So far I have been paying on hospital bills through them and have not had a problem. They have worked with me in every way possible. They have made it easier for me to pay these bills off and they have all been helpful and respectful.
annette kitchen | 2016-12-28 20:47:12
In speaking with Sue for assistance in reconciling a bill that was not submitted to the insurance company first, I experienced nothing but opposition & rude service. You would think if I am calling you to give you money (if I owe it) I would receive cooperation. Turns out, I don't owe anything once it was filed with the insurance company. This company's customer service reflects poorly on Christ Hospitals who outsources to them.
Jason Salensky | 2017-03-28 21:45:09
The system will not let me show a less than one star review,,,, Exceptionally rude service. Was called by them regarding a Cincinnati Children's Hospital bill (that CCHMC improperly coded rather than submit the paperwork to Medicaid) for my adult, intellectually disabled child. Understanding Hippa laws, I know they could not talk about the bill until I proved I had guardianship, they could have professionally told me they could not speak about it unless proof was supplied rather than striking an extremely rude tone and actually hanging up on my wife while she tried to figure exactly what we needed for them to release the information.

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