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Covenant Credit Repair
Address: 5189 E Interstate 20 Service Road N. Suite 101A, Willow Park, TX 76087, USA
Phone: (817) 441-5030
Time Work Monday: 09:00-17:00
Tuesday: 09:00-17:00
Wednesday: 09:00-17:00
Thursday: 09:00-17:00
Friday: 09:00-17:00
Saturday: close
Sunday: close

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Review Covenant Credit Repair

Renee Crenshaw | 2017-03-18 22:32:32
CCR was invaluable in helping us and would recommend them to others!
Travis Pollard | 2017-03-14 20:13:35
The people at Covenant Credit Repair were very helpful and knowledgeable about credit and how it affected me. I would advise anyone that is dealing with credit issues to talk to Sonia or any one here. I was thinking about bankruptcy and they prevented me from making mistakes that would have had long lasting negative effects on my credit.
Susan Bradley | 2017-03-09 19:43:31
>>My updated Reply below"Our phone system and Client Management System do not show that you ever contacted our company." I hold a Masters degree in business which has given me the ability to oversee many employees for a major chain, with one of its locations in downtown Fort Worth. Unlike a small business, we receive hundreds of calls a day. Many people (like myself) use phones that do not allow the recipient of the call access to our numbers and information. I avoid a lot of Spam phone calls this way. So, of course, your client management system would not have a record. --->"there was a decision by this new organization to not accredit credit repair firms." This confirms my women's intuition and research, and what the lawyer told me about credit repair companies (NOBODY can repair credit). More than likely the BBB organization views credit repair as a scam, making this a wise decision on their part. --->" won the Ft Worth BBB 2015 Torch Award" Let me offer you some professional advice. Using awards that are dated a couple of years does you no good. Nobody cares what a business did in the past, they only care what you are doing now. --->"see not only our client testimonies" I did look at those as I made mention of looking at the BBB website in my review. The majority of those people are from 2015, about the same time you received your dated award. A downturn in business? Could be. --->"If you did in fact call my company" "IF"? "IF"? How very unprofessional of you to call to question what I in fact did. Once again, I use phones that do not allow the recipient of the call access. It's a safety net for me. Why would I call a fifth time when it is easy to conclude credit repair companies are a scam and yours was particularly evasive? Now I know just why the BBB here doesn't allow accreditation, they see it as a scam also. Besides, I took the lawyers advice who warned me about credit repair companies. I don't have credit challenges. I have baggage left by my ex-husband. Baggage that after enough research I found I can take care of myself, for free, just like anyone else can by getting a simple book online. Not by being overcharged by a company who admits on their website they may not get results for their customers.
Mary McDow | 2017-04-04 05:34:29
Our family had about 10 years of financial and family traumas that wrecked our credit. I met Mary Robb and her staff and was initially skeptical that they could do what they said they could do. I had not ever heard good things about credit repair. These people are very different. Mary Robb and her staff ALL have "servants hearts", and they genuinely thrive on the joy they recieve in helping. They are very affordable and they will work with you to get things turned around. We were able to identify what issues were pulling our numbers down and they did all the leg work to get those cleared up. In our daily life and jobs, no one has the time or patience to sit on hold for hours while these issues are solved. They handle these things for you. The staff does not over promise. This is a company where the people have integrity. I have been a Financial Advisor for 19 years. This is the only place I recommend for my clients to help them get back in control of their credit
jeff lockaby | 2017-03-30 02:44:36
Covenant Credit Repair has liberated my family and I from over a year of torment and frustration. After a misreporting on my credit of an account being 120+ days past due for almost a year, my credit began to suffer not only in the score but with proving my responsibility as a bill payer. Having had zero missed payments in over 10 different active accounts this misreporting left a huge scar for everyone in my family to deal with. I purchased 2 new vehicles last year with this on my credit and had to pay the price of a higher interest rate than what I should have. This misreporting not only wreaked havoc on my credit and financial security but my mental state as well. I fought for almost a year trying to correct this on my own, but my tale began to sound more like a David and Goliath tale each and every day. Finally, when I could fight no longer but was still determined enough to have it fixed I found Covenant Credit Repair online. It isn’t an easy decision when trying to select a company sight unseen that you will be able to trust with your lively hood and that is just what I had to do. After going into the office for the initial consultation with Marcus and Sonia my husband and I knew we had made the right choice. What reaffirmed this for me was the fact that they did not charge me for my services right away as they wanted to research a bit more to be 100% sure they could help me before taking my payment. Again my tale involves a very large entity that usually isn’t messed with too often by anyone other than lawyers. But once they knew, they accepted payment and laid out their battle plan. Within 2 months it was not only fixed, it was completely deleted from my credit report as though the entity never existed. It was then I finally met the owner Mary Robb and she shared her story of the credit struggles she endured in order to open her business. That’s when I discovered their secret behind winning the battle of David and Goliath. They have passion, they have a firm belief in what is right and what is just. Mary’s staff mirrored those same qualities each time I met with them as we partnered together to win this fight. Thank you so much Marcus, Sonia, Mary and Jill and all other staff members that put effort in on my case. Truly an amazing job by an amazing company. I will turn to you always with any credit concerns or questions and I will speak your praises with anyone that I meet. THANK YOU!!

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