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Westex Federal Credit Union
Address: 509 Quincy St, Plainview, TX 79072, USA
Phone: (806) 296-0886

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Bernhard Wolf | 2017-03-21 00:48:33
After having decent service for the 9 years I was with them, they recently changed their policy to put a 7 day hold on any and all checks over 1000$ deposited, even those drawn on a local bank or cashiers checks. No exceptions. This makes them unusable for anyone who does contract work occasionally, like myself, or who actually gets a paycheck. This policy indicates that they must be in a death spiral...I have never seen anything like it from ANY other bank. And NO...I NEVER had a deposited check be returned...this is a policy for everyone, even customers like me who have been with them for nearly a decade. If I could do that, they would get negative stars. They also have jacked up all their fees to be on par with the big banks. They have a grand total of 2 ATMs. They charge exorbitant fees for using other banks ATMs, even other Credit Unions. Their debit card comes with many strings attached...it is blocked from purchases in many areas, including Austin, due to their fear of losing 3 Dollars to fraud. So why use them? I thought a Credit Union would provide better service than commercial banks to their members, but here the opposite is true. They treat all their "members" like potential criminals. I closed my account and moved to Wells Fargo.

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