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Address: 2805 N Main St, Paris, TX 75460, USA
Phone: (903) 784-2802
Time Work Monday: 04:30-21:30
Tuesday: 04:30-21:30
Wednesday: 04:30-21:30
Thursday: 04:30-21:30
Friday: 04:30-21:30
Saturday: 04:30-21:30
Sunday: close

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Review T Truck Stop

Luke C. | 2017-02-17 07:33:25
Dirt parking lot. Semi trucks can get stuck if dirt turns into mud. Also, will not give scale info, after getting weight.
Justin Hess | 2016-12-28 17:06:45
The parking has huge holes looks like bombs were dropped on it and trucks get stuck in it all the time. Considering the condition of the parking it unbelievable that they charge trucks $10.00 to park. The restroom all ways looks dirty and has a horrible smell. The store has a minimum amount you have to buy in order to use a debit card.
Billy Burns | 2016-11-08 23:37:50
Avoid this place go down to any other parking lot. The parking lot is full of holes not just pot holes but holes you can get stuck in. When its wet its a mud bog and if its dry its a dust storm. If you buy fuel here and want to park it will cost you five bucks. The restaurant is closed. And some drivers think that waiting until they close the store and park free the owner or the police show up in the middle of the night and make you pay or leave
Buda Hood | 2017-01-06 04:17:23
$5 dollar parking to park in their mud pit
James Holman | 2017-03-07 18:07:55
Two stars because it has a cat scale and parking for $5 there is nothing I can say good about it on the inside or outside. I bought what was supposed to be two kolaczki that we're supposed to be sausage and egg they were 2.99 each and when I opened them they were a hotdog kolaczki which is not worth three bucks a piece. I am not a fan of hot dogs and they were little tiny hot dogs on top of it. As other reviews say the place has many potholes and no doubt this place gets a lot of pee bottles dumped out I stopped here once before and did not have to pay for parking but it will definitely be the last time I didn't stop here because I had to I was just driving by and decided to make a stop here next time I will just keep rolling.

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