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Credit Repair Nerds
Address: 410 West Grand Parkway South #380, Katy, TX 77494, USA
Phone: (832) 437-4621

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Leroy L. Anderson | 2016-11-23 21:15:05
Job well done guys. I just closed on my home a month ago. I'll email ya'll some pics.
Mischelle Clavette | 2016-10-13 19:43:15
CRN does outstanding work. Follow the program, scores go up. Don't follow the program, well, then you don't listen very well. Their instructions worked for me.
Mary Blackmon | 2016-11-30 02:30:40
Aren't Credit Repair Nerds and Debtors Revealed one and the same? I'll bet CRN sends Debtors Revealed a lot of business. You rip people off under one business name and then when they stop paying you because they're not getting ANYTHING you promised, you "turn them over" to Debtors Revealed. You have complaints filed against you with the Better Business Bureau, the FBI, Texas Attorney General's Office, the FTC as well as the FCC.
Lisa Lu | 2016-12-22 00:46:57
This is a horrible fake franchise. The pricing packages offered for credit repair are totally unlawful and trumped up. When you pay to become a licensee they sale you on this idea of starting your own business when in fact your not. The CEO of this fake franchise makes money by convincing people that they have total control and they're building their own business and brand when really you work for him as his representative. He runs this online crap like he's a pimp and your his [email protected] When he feels like your no longer making him money he uses all sorts of sabotaging tactics such as finding excuses not to pay you your overrides on your downline, taking your business so you don't reap the benefits, you name it. No one stays with this fake franchise it's a total joke. Scott Been and Jennifer Matthew are two of the pettiest human beings I have ever dealt with. Scott Been is childish and makes his money by selling licensees on VIP packages and phone dialer systems that are a total waste of time. The leads are recycled and more than half aren't interested. Their a bunch of fake rich people, living this fake immaculate lifestyle. Scott is so arrogant and disrespectful it's beyond me. Not professional at all. If you are a professional business person that wants to flourish stay away from these people. Stay away from CRN, stay away from credit innovations, and stay away from debtors revealed. They are all Scott Been. Dude is a insecure, pessimistic peasant who thinks the world is his and everyone else is just living it. CRN has been around for 10 plus years and they're still struggling. If you want to become a successful franchise try treating others with respect, be honest and trustworthy, be professional, stop lying to folks. Last but not least they are cowards. When you ask questions or question anything they ignore you. There isn't a phone number to call and speak with anyone in corporate when needed because they're cowards. They rather email back and forth and hide out. Big email bullies lol smh. Total waste of time.
Bob Malhotra | 2016-11-28 19:37:18
Nerds are nerds. That is why I hired the Credit Repair Nerds. Their FB page has a lot of useful information. That is how I found you guys. Thanks again for the credit help. I went from a 532 to a 617 in 2 months. I'll be coming to you guys here next year to do some more work. Thanks again.

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