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First Service Credit Union
Address: El Paso Energy Building, 1001 Louisiana St Suite B195, Houston, TX 77002, USA
Phone: (713) 676-7777
Time Work Monday: 07:30-16:30
Tuesday: 07:30-16:30
Wednesday: 07:30-16:30
Thursday: 07:30-16:30
Friday: 07:30-16:30
Saturday: close
Sunday: close

Address: 16430 Park Ten Pl, Houston, TX 77084, USA
Phone: (713) 676-7777

Address: 8980 Clearwood Dr, Houston, TX 77075, USA
Phone: (713) 676-7777
Time Work Monday: 08:00-17:00
Tuesday: 08:00-17:00
Wednesday: 08:00-17:00
Thursday: 08:00-17:00
Friday: 08:00-17:00
Saturday: 09:00-14:00
Sunday: close

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Henry O | 2015-06-09 00:38:36
If you are shopping CD rates, and are attracted to the new Katy Branch rate, be advised that along with obtaining the above market rate, the package comes a checking account and a savings account. Both are mandatory in order to get the rate. In addition, FSCU subscribes to one of those marketing services which "verifies" identity while at the same time, in addition to the credit report they obtain, provides confirmation of the information the marketing firm has collected and which the marketing firm then resells. (These marketing firms work like a credit bureau only with personal information, not financial, and without the same type of rules that protect the consumer privacy from inaccurate information. ) There is a difference between meeting the requirements of the Patriot Act and obtaining additional information for marketing purposes. Should you ask the branch manager, you will be simply told that it is part of the rules. If you are interested in an above market CD rate, the mandatory checking account, mandatory savings account and providing marketing information which is not required by the Patriot Act, check with First Service Credit Union at their new Katy Branch.
Rizwan Pirzada | 2017-04-07 01:02:32
Very good customer service.

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