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Address: 311 Hwy. 71 West, Bastrop, TX 78602, USA
Phone: (512) 303-9337
Time Work Monday: 09:00-20:00
Tuesday: 09:00-20:00
Wednesday: 09:00-20:00
Thursday: 09:00-20:00
Friday: 09:00-20:00
Saturday: 09:00-18:00
Sunday: close

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Justin Lambert | 2016-08-01 20:04:19
They where kinda rude carrying a conversation with each other instead of handling a loan I was Trying to get and then offered me a stupid amount on my loan and said to come back at noon because they didn't know about compound bows.
Elias Montemayor | 2016-02-12 20:07:08
It all depends on who you're dealing with at the counter. I've always been a loyal customer for over 4 yrs. And most of the times I've gone to get a loan on stuff, they've been courteous, fair and honest. But recently I felt almost swindled.... I took some 1oz 99%pure silver coins to get a loan on and they told me they don't go by ounces they go by "grams". That was fine enough. So silver "spot price" (meaning the BASE "market" price WITHOUT fees, collectors value or profit markups) according to the NASDAQ was trading at $15 an ounce and 49cents a gram. So if we went by grams instead of ounces, at approximately 28.34 grams in every 1oz, according to the grams to ounces conversion, that would have STILL been at VERY LEAST $13.00 to $14.00 a coin. That's BASE SPOT PRICE!! The lady at the counter wanted to loan me only $2.00 to $3.00 a coin?!?!? I grabbed my coins and said NO way. So I took my business elsewhere & got my personal loan at another store (paid it off on time WITH interest, mind you!) Don't know if I'll go back now. They don't always know the correct value of things. And when they don't get it right there's NO debating or reasoning with them on it. So it really does depend on who you're dealing with.
roy lee buchanan | 2016-12-17 20:33:00
Long wait. Loooooong wait. Place is understaffed. Guns are overpriced rust wands.
Joshua Dean Cash | 2017-01-11 01:10:53
They lowball you and then sell knock off merchandise at high cost.... Stay away
Garrett Williams | 2017-02-21 23:20:48
I got a loan on a PlayStation 4 and when I paid it off and took it home, the disc drive failed to work anymore, and when you set it up on end, you could hear a piece rattling around inside the PS4. It was clear this unit was dropped also due to the stack of electronics they had on their secure form trash can. I noticed when I picked up my PS4, that there were a couple of laptops, an Xbox and several other electronics haphazardly stacked on that trashcan. About 6 months later my wife took her Apple Watch in for a short loan and once picking it up found that the watch would no longer power on. After taking it into the Apple Store hoping it was a software issue, they determined that there was damage to the hardware. Needless to say, this equipment worked flawlessly when being dropped off and had catastrophic failure once picked up. I'm fully aware that pawn shops assume no liability for items damaged while in their possession, but I've had to utilize pawn shops over the last ten years, even other ezpawn locations, and have never once had my merchandise damaged when in the possession of the shop.

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