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Bank of America Financial Center
Address: 1000 Glenforest Rd, Myrtle Beach, SC 29579, USA
Phone: (843) 504-3043
Time Work Monday: 09:00-17:00
Tuesday: 09:00-17:00
Wednesday: 09:00-17:00
Thursday: 09:00-17:00
Friday: 09:00-18:00
Saturday: 09:00-13:00
Sunday: close

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About Bank of America Financial Center

This page contains all information about Bank of America Financial Center in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina (SC), including address, website, phone number and reviews

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Review Bank of America Financial Center

Tresa Blume | 2016-12-22 10:08:23
Good customer service, long waits to see specialist definitely make an appointment
Kevin Waters | 2016-07-13 03:56:02
I had a Bank of America card. It was eaten by the atm, I went inside and they told me that even though it was their atm at their bank they dont handle them. So as I asked in tears what I could do that said they couldnt help and if I didnt leave they would call the police. All the money I had in the world( which was very little as I was unemployed at the time and surviving on $200 a week) was on that card. The bank manager again said they could do nothing and would call the police, so I called the police first. When they arrived I asked if I could wait for the technician to arrive who would fix the ATM so I could see if my card was okay. The police and the bank manager said it was ok to wait though it would be many hours, I needed the money for rent so I knew I had to wait. Thankfully soon after a technician came, and my card was intact. I showed my ID to get my card but they said it was against policy to give me my card back. The bank manager said that it was against policy as well and if I did not leave he would call the police again , even though he failed to tell me that before I was waiting. I started to cry again , and the Bank technician started to pull his gun on me telling me he would take action on me since I have been told to leave. I went back to my car and was able to get Bank of America customer service to Western Union me my money at a 5% cost(which they insisted I pay) It was only $200 but it was all I had and what I needed for rent. I will never do business with them again, and I strongly urge you to avoid the Bank of America at Carolina Forest. I was never shown compassion by anyone , no " I'm sorry that happened, no is there anything we can do for you", but just for me to get off their property they're calling the police and if I don't do it soon enough they will shoot me. That was weeks ago and I still cant believe their lack of empathy even if they could do nothing, honest and compassion would have gone a long way.
Dyanna Dwyer | 2016-12-31 18:23:44
Two days been trying to get in touch of a human being and only the only response I got was a recording. Need to pick the phone up in less than three rings when you run a business! Thank you!
Joshua Young | 2016-11-27 05:39:51
My ATM swallowed very slowly. It also spat out my card slowly. Other than that, this was a fabulous transaction.
Hollie Aguilar | 2016-12-22 06:20:37
ATM went 'out of service' as I was in the middle of a large deposit. It was a couple of minutes before closing, so I hurried to the door since it still had a few ppl in there and it wasn't 5:00 yet, I needed to get this straightened out. All I was trying to find out is if my money made it into my account bc it was not showing up on mobile banking yet. The extremely rude lady came to walk a customer out and BLOCKED the door and rudely said 'I can't let you inside the bank!' I tried to explain to her there's an issue with their ATM and I just need to make sure my money is in my account. She cuts me off, still blocking the door as if I was going to barge past her and tells me to call the number on the card. I could NOT believe how unprofessional she was and was not about to help for a brief second. I did call the number on the card and I reported her as well with them. Unbelievable. I visit banks nearly on a daily basis for my job and have never come across someone so rude and unprofessional as I have with this woman! I will never go to the branch again and will most likely be closing my account with BOA!

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