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Address: 214 N Creek Blvd, Greenwood, SC 29649, USA
Phone: (864) 223-2399
Time Work Monday: 08:30-17:30
Tuesday: 08:30-17:30
Wednesday: 08:30-17:30
Thursday: 08:30-17:30
Friday: 08:30-18:00
Saturday: close
Sunday: close

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This page contains all information about Local Finance Company & Tax Service in Greenwood, South Carolina (SC), including address, website, phone number and reviews

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Review Local Finance Company & Tax Service

Nani Anu | 2014-11-09 15:10:39
This place should not even be allowed to be called a loan company. The manager, Nichole, is the most nastiest, ugliest person I have ever met in my life! You can absolutely tell when a person has zero class just in the tone of their voice. She is the laughing stock of Greenwood! People are human beings and human beings sometimes fall on hardships, but someone like her who tries to live way above her little means wouldn't understand that, of course! Go back to the rotten trailer park you came from Nichole! Instead of losing all that weight, you should have worried more about that messed up wrinkly face you have!! That is all.
Tashya James | 2017-02-21 00:30:22
I was going to go here but after reading the reviews I changed my mind..
LISA MARTIN | 2016-10-21 23:38:45
WORST EXPERIENCE EVER! The manager has one of the nastiest attitudes I believe I have EVER seen within a place of business. She definitely does not know HOW to talk to people. She treats her customers like DOGS! I DO NOT RECOMMEND ANYONE TO GET A LOAN HERE.

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