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Fulton Bank
Address: 100 S 3rd St, Hamburg, PA 19526, USA
Phone: (610) 562-3804

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jim Folk | 2016-04-24 12:39:48
Good service, drive Thru service
Meredith Roth | 2015-08-21 01:28:13
I more than hate this bank. I have been using it for my savings and once checking account, because that,mysteriously disappeared after having it for over a year, so they deleted my checking, and cut my debit card when I went to deposit, even,though I was still getting updates in he mail on this account! Not only is it slow, the tellers are very mean and rude to customers. The hours suck too by the way. My review isn't the most professional, I know, but I decided to post this because of my just recent experience 15 minutes ago. I got my paycheck today, I'm parked , checking the hours out on my phone because it is not clearly marked otherwise anywhere near the building and I would not walk out in the down pour going on just to check. I woman bangs on my vehicle! She tells me I can't park in the lot they're closed. I was a customer. I was checking the hours. She was rude and demanding and had no right to even touch my vehicle like that. I'm changing banks ASAP and hope this one goes out of business. Please, if you think of using this bank, RECONSIDER, unless, you don't care about being treated like a human being.
Eve Berman | 2016-04-11 19:49:11
I recently unexpectedly lost my young mom (56yro) and she banked with Fulton in Hamburg. The account manager I dealt with was very helpful, kind, and compassionate. My 3yro son accompanied me and the employees immediately offered him things to make him feel comfortable (stickers, crayons, paper to color on). I don't think I've ever had such a warm experience in a bank. Business is business but they truly do care about their customers.
GeronimoPlayzMc | 2016-03-21 18:51:08
I wait in line twice as long as it took to get there. The service is the worst. The one time the employee spent more time visiting with a customer than caring about the people waiting in line.
Lauren Wasser | 2016-10-27 23:01:06
More than 3 mistakes in 6 months, after specific directions given at the window with a checkbook to copy account numbers off of to deposit a pay check. Pay check into wrong account that i now have to fix it myself. No one returns phone calls I had to call a THIRD time to reach the person who called me.

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