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Pa Preferred Mortgage Co
Address: 20421 US-19, Cranberry Twp, PA 16066, USA
Phone: (412) 369-5363

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dog patch | 2016-07-07 05:51:56
Leah Quigley behaved in a shady and unprofessional manner along with Renee Pitrelli and Rick Shrum. She did not highlight the procedure in getting a mortgage. They kept asking for different documents and every time we provided them they changed the story and ask for different things. -When the house price was lowered due to issue that came up in the inspection she lowered the loan amount without consulting us - She failed to take into account the cost of home owner's insurance - compulsory- when calculating the debt to income ratio thus not offering a realistic view of the amount we could borrow. We found out a few days before closing. - She advised that the money for the deposit had to be in place. I put it in a separate bank account. My funds came VIA line of credit not FROM a line of credit it was easier for my, I run a business, to move money that way. She asked for bank statements to show that the line of credit had been paid off and then said that it was NOT OK anyways. A few days before closing she wanted to see $30k come from another account. All our funds are in one account already. We do not have another 30K. Even though the funds are there, the line of credit is zero my credit is excellent she advised we needed to show that we had more money. -She advised to get a gift letter for 30k from our cousin. Our cousin agreed to lend us the money provided that we didn't need to show his bank statements. they are private. She advised that if he wrote a personal check we would not need to see his statements. Two days before closing she advised that actually they do -She also advised -three days before closing- that our rental in NYC was going to be a problem. They wanted proof that we could leave our house here without any issues. We can not break our lease here before our mortgage gets approved for obvious reasons. We lost our house three days before closing because of prosperity home mortgage LLC and their incompetence. We also suspect civil rights violations based on the fact that we are a gay couple. We strongly believe that this treatment was due to discrimination. WE have initiated a separate inquiry regarding that.

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