U.S. Bank ATM - Brice Road in Columbus, OH

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U.S. Bank ATM - Brice Road
Address: 6100 Channingway Blvd, Columbus, OH 43232, USA
Phone: (800) 872-2657

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Atsede Bedassa | 2016-04-22 17:34:28
I and my parents were disrespected and discriminated at this branch. We wanted to send $15,000 through wire transfer to outside USA. On the phone, the bank customers said it is possible. When we came in to the branch office in person, they told us they going to take about 5 days investigating the source of the money. They grilled us with questions that seemed too personal. We did not mind the questions and being delayed, but we asked the branch managers if they were legally allowed to do the things they are doing, and if they can show us paper showing their legal authority to do it. But they could not furnish anything allowing them to do it. After a month or so, when we tried to send another wire transfer, the bank managers said we are no longer allowed to do banking with the US Bank. We called their managers at corporate level. The managers at corporate level said they would investigate it. They did get back to us, but they did not give us as to why we were exactly being denied Banking service. They said, when we opened an account with them, on one of the papers we signed, it says the US Bank has the right to close a bank account on anyone at anytime for any reason. In conclusion, if you are using this Bank at this branch for a regular activity, you will forsure get an average level of good customer service. If you are going to handle money that is very large,( 15,000 and more) , when you come into the branch office, make sure that you are a non minority person. If you a person of minority, you must make up for it by dressing with expensive suite or clothing to look like a person who handles a large amount of money. We believe that we were not treated right because of either our minority status or we dressed too cheap or too casual for someone who will send 15000 outside the country.

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