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Address: 2321 Morse Rd, Columbus, OH 43229, USA
Phone: (614) 475-8623

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A Google User | 2011-04-26 08:20:44
These guys have always struck me as honest and willing to work with my budget, and also reward my loyalty with little perks, but what really sold me on them was an exhaust repair I had done last summer. I stupidly went to the dealership my car came from to get my windsheild wipers fixed, and after an overpriced crap job on that those people tried to tell me I needed a tune-up (which was a lie as Monro had just done it a month ago) and a whole new exhaust system for $700! I took it to Monro figuring they would probably charge me maybe 600 instead, but instead they told me just one little peice needed replaced and charged me 60 bucks, and the car came out sounding brand new! These guys are nice, incredibly honest, and realize saving customers money here and there keeps them in business in the long run, I will even take my new cars here instead of any dealer I buy it from!
A Google User | 2012-01-05 02:22:43
After changing managers a couple different times at this location I can say Ken has done a nice job. The workers provide fair professional service and pricing compared to other shops. I have been taking my vehicle here for years and will do business again.
A Google User | 2007-10-27 08:21:30
I have always been extremely satisfied with the service at all the Monro locations I've visited, but especially this one. The mechanics here are really honest and friendly, the prices are the lowest I've found, and they go the extra mile. I always take my car to Monro before I even think about another repair shop. There is another Monro down the other end of Morse Rd, and the people there are great too, excellent customer care all around!
habib bashi | 2012-04-05 10:13:44
THEY RIPOFF AND RUDE.I took my car for exhaust leak repair and they said 1300 dollars to repair the whole thing. Took it to another place and it turned out that i only needed tail pipe for 120 in total. stay away from these place,overpriced and they don,t seem like they know what they are doing.
shane stout | 2017-03-12 17:48:24
Very poor customer service...Rude people ...I received a loan to pay for Christmas for my children...I was then fired from my job...And was trying to work with these people...Let me refrase that I only met and talked to the manager...I was late...Then to top things off my mother was in the hospital with cancer and I was there with her and taking care of my disabled father...I told the manager what was going on it was no problem we will work with you.....Morning time my truck was gone.....I have six kids a disabled father to care for and my mother in the hospital....I call this manager and she cannot tell me a balance...And hangs up the phone on me very rudely.....The following day she still cannot give me a balance......And hangs up on me again.....I have to call another location to get the coorperate offices phone number...When I call coorperate they were able to give me the balance...I borrowed the money and pay it at another location...They have to call this manager to get her to release my vehicle... She calls the repossession company and they are now giving me a hard time retrieving my vehicle and I had to wait another three days to get my vehicle...And then I can only make a appointment with these people and they are only there Monday thru Friday 1pm-4pm...What a joke... This woman is so rude and not a good person...

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