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Envoy Mortgage
Address: 100 E Campus View Blvd #120, Columbus, OH 43235, USA
Phone: (513) 562-7447
Time Work Monday: 08:00-17:00
Tuesday: 08:00-17:00
Wednesday: 08:00-17:00
Thursday: 08:00-17:00
Friday: 08:00-17:00
Saturday: close
Sunday: close

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Shannon Reames | 2016-03-24 17:29:05
To say I had a terrible experience with Envoy Mortgage would be an understatement. I reached out to specific loan officers at Envoy Mortgage and Wells Fargo, both of whom were recommended to me. At the same time I was looking to buy a house, I was selling mine. My house sold extremely fast, so I made it crystal clear to each lender that the utmost important piece of the puzzle was getting the closing dates to match up. We had nowhere to store our belongings, and nowhere to stay, which included myself, my fiance, two kids, and two dogs. Both lenders told me they could do the closing in the specified amount of time. Ultimately I went with Envoy, which proved to be the worst decision I could have made. Throughout the entire loan process, there was terrible communication between my loan officer and his assistant. One would ask for information, I would send it, then the assistant would call to follow up on information I had already provided. We were asked to sign documents, then told we were sent the wrong documents, and to please sign the new ones...on multiple occasions. Our house closed on a Tuesday; we were told that our new house could close that Friday. We made arrangements for a Uhaul, requested time off work, had friends request time off work, etc. Then we were told that Friday wouldn't work, so the closing was pushed to 9:00 a.m. Monday morning. We all rearranged our schedules, however, imagine my surprise when I'm driving home Friday from work and I'm told that someone at Envoy missed a deadline and we can no longer close on Monday morning, it would now be 3:00 in the afternoon. We were able to find a place to stay with our dogs, thinking it would be just through the weekend. We begged and pleaded with the seller, and she thankfully allowed us to store our belongings in the garage of our new home. Monday morning came, and I received a phone call that not only could we not close on Monday afternoon, our loan was never even cleared for closing from underwriting. To make this entire fiasco even worse, we were told that Envoy "lost" (whether she quit or was fired remains a mystery) our loan processor, and they found out that she never ordered documents from the IRS that we had been waiting on, which drew out this process even longer. During all of this, our loan officer took off out of state for Spring break. I'm quite sure he had his trip planned for quite some time, but what got me was that he simply claimed "he didn't know" it wasn't cleared to close. To date, I still haven't figured out how it was even set for (multiple) specific closing times, who approved it, or how my loan officer "didn't know." The branch manager stepped in during his absence and worked to get the loan closed - which I appreciate, I really do. The loan finally got set for closing on Friday, a full week after we were originally told it would close. The branch manager relayed to our realtor that he was quite certain had they not lost their processor our loan would have closed. After all, their branch closes loans in an average of 22 days, and the company average is 26 days. Well folks, our Friday closing marks 30 days. Granted Envoy abided by the purchase contract which stated March 31st as the latest closing date, I specifically stated to the loan officer that the number one priority was closing at the same time as my closing, which we were told could be done. Had I been notified ahead of time that the loan wouldn't close, I could have worked out living arrangements. Instead, we ended up getting jerked around. This was supposed to be a happy time for us, after all it's not every day that you get to purchase a house with your fiance to start your life together. Instead, Envoy made this the most stressful, irritating, difficult move I have ever been through. I reached out to both the loan officer and branch manager with my concerns, and neither one had the common courtesy, or professionalism, to say they were sorry. In fact, they didn't even respond at all. Not. One. Word.

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