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Buckeye Pawn Shop
Address: 2777 S High St, Columbus, OH 43207, USA
Phone: (614) 497-4100
Time Work Monday: 09:00-17:30
Tuesday: 09:00-17:30
Wednesday: 09:00-17:30
Thursday: 09:00-17:30
Friday: 09:00-17:30
Saturday: 10:00-14:00
Sunday: close

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Review Buckeye Pawn Shop

Jason Wolf | 2016-09-29 06:24:57
As a musician who stereotypically relies on pawning my gear on a regular basis to keep the bills paid, these guys have become my place of choice to deal with. The manager has been there for at least the 10 years or so I have been going there and has always been as fair as possible to me by reasonable pawn shop standards. No, you won't get the full used market value of your item. You won't get that from ANY pawn shop or used retailer. If you want that, you'll need to sell the item yourself to a private party. But if you understand how the industry works and you're in need of some quick cash and maybe don't particularly want to actually "sell" your item, I would say these guys are totally fair and professional with their business practices.
K Ray | 2017-02-15 19:10:52
Great deals amazing service!!! If ur looking to pawn or purshase I recommend you go to buckeye.
Patricia Clark | 2017-03-24 05:23:21
I went & got a engagement ring at a good price & the man was very nice & helpful
Nate Marshall | 2017-03-31 14:54:19
My first and last visit to this wretched establishment was an experience I will not soon forget. These guys are clearly watching too much reality television. Lousy service and a bunch of junk products combined with a staff that will surely belittle you with the intent to intimidate you or make you feel sub-human. For the record, this approach is never a successful real world business model. I watched three individuals basically get shamed out of the door and that's before my own ordeal. Lose the ego and wannabe bad boy persona and serve your customers.
Wendy Herrel | 2017-04-19 01:01:50
They are ASSHOLES I lost my Xbox1 because they had the wrong address on file they were sending notices to. It's funny cause when I pawned it they had my I'D with the correct address on it which I asked them to make sure was updated. So I come in to pay the day they are putting it out & they tell me I can buy it for $250 or put it on layaway if I can't but it today!! Are you kidding me you have the wrong address because someone didn't do their job & I have to pay $100 more than I pawned it for, for my own item!!!! Levs does not treat you like that & will work with you if you are late!! They also do their job & make sure your contact info & phone number is up to date!! Buckeye also gives you bullshit prices & sells everything for the highest price & do not negotiate at all even if you are spending good money!!! GO TO LEVS FOR ALL YOUR PAWN NEEDS!!

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