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National Enterprise Systems
Address: 29125 Solon Rd, Cleveland, OH 44139, USA
Phone: (440) 542-1360

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skenealy90 | 2017-02-17 23:57:17
Paid off my account and still hasn't been taken off my credit report
Christine Hoffman | 2017-04-04 18:02:26
Keeps calling even after i told them its the wrong number filing charges of harassment.
kina peterson | 2016-11-12 00:38:25
I dont know who this chic is claiming this is a good company. She works for them..yeah try to get a raise by telling a lie. I called an asked them to stop calling my phone for my bro in law. He never gave you all my number. Its not my business. But please stop .I did tell them to remove my number and the lady I spoke to was rude. Next time yall call your getting cussed out. I can be rude too. Killing you with kindness doesnt help.
Rob Blanco | 2016-11-01 22:28:15
Very unprofessional. Called my personal cell phone asking for my father (not sure why) and when I tried to clarify why they were calling, they refused to tell me saying "it is a private matter". You are calling my phone asking to speak finances with my father and you cannot tell me why? I continually told the woman calling that if she did not tell me why she was calling, she would not speak to anyone. Very rude people. After looking them up I see that they have a history of lacking professionalism- and potentially scamming people. Please try again with a decent approach.
Jim Handy | 2017-03-30 19:25:13
I have told these people to cease and desist calling me, they have a wrong number and they still are caling me, so i went to cuyahoga county court house and filed phone harassment charges against them... FYI -- If your credit card company sells your debt, you know longer have to pay it, because you never had a contract with the debt collection agency, i have had all my bad debt removed from my credit report, they have to remove it by law if you contact them....

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