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Key Bank Real Estate Capital
Address: 127 Public Sq # 5600, Cleveland, OH 44114, USA
Phone: (216) 689-4848

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Adam Laatiris | 2015-02-21 08:11:49
The worst bank ever!!! My advise: stay away from this bank when you think about buying your dream home. Key bank has a poor mortgage process in place and the worst customer service in case things go down south. This is an example of the emails my real estate agent received from you loan processing team: "Good afternoon. The condo issues have been resolved and approved. Adam is sending me two items to clear up some loose ends tonight" I applied for a mortgage loan through my local key bank in Denver CO,, I was prequalified based on my income and credit score, so I decided to go ahead and fill up the application and submitted all the documents needed with a proof of income along with dates of employments, the process took an extended period of time which forced me to change to terms of the contract and submit a second amendments to extend the closing deadline knowing that I would loose my earnest money in case the deal does not fall through. Based on the emails and the phone calls exchanged with the loan processor (you are approved, we got you approved,,,) I was a 110% confident that I would be able to close with no issues, that being said the loan processor and the underwriter had all the income numbers with the back ups within 2 weeks of the initial application, it took them 2 months to deny my FIST TIME HOME BUYER application due to lack of putting the numbers together. Their reason was I did not average enough income since the beginning of my employment with my company, I did not apply for the loan until I got a raise that came with a job promotion and they were aware of that. I believe I would of been living in the condo by now having chosen to deal with a local lender as planned initially, but my local key bank convinced me to fill the home loan application key bank, I was very surprised to find out myself dealing with many parties all spread out in the us, the processing team where not available all the time which made deal with different person anytime I make a phone call for some reasons. Key Bank should be held responsible for not lost of my earnest money, and inspection cost,,, but also lost of my dream,my time, the opportunity,,, in addition to the emotion distress I am currently going through. Best regards, Adam L

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