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First Mutual Financial
Address: 6563 Wilson Mills Rd # 105, Cleveland, OH 44143, USA
Phone: (440) 352-9154

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Amanda Henry | 2016-02-01 23:20:12
Their statements and website are super confusing and hard to read. The website does not show your outstanding balance, so you never have any idea how much you are still paying on. Their paper statements are incomplete and just overall confusing. Seems to me they are trying to purposely make it confusing so people end up with missed payments or late fees. Customer service always has an attitude when I call to ask questions. WORST service I have ever experienced.
Mary Wendelken | 2016-06-14 01:50:58
Do not use this company! I normally would pay outright or for a big purchase, finance through my bank. On this occasion, because it was a piano, my bank could not finance it. I trusted the company to be good because the Music Store, Piano Distributors on Ulmerton Road, Clearwater, recommended them. I paid off the loan quickly and always on time. After the loan was paid in full, First Mutual went into my credit reports, all three, and put negatives on them. When I asked to speak to the President of the company after numerous attempts to correct the situation, he stubbornly refused to correct the false information! Next stop: FTC, BBB and others.
John Pendray | 2016-08-22 21:22:07
I'm surprised by the bad reviews I'm reading because I had no problems, and found them to be professional and helpful. Thank you for helping me finance my piano!
Brandon J | 2016-08-19 23:53:34
I have not been able to get a loan from them and they seemed to have good rates but they came back saying no loans available. Also, there was a link to then on the website I was using because the company has them as the financial provider and when I go to fill put the application they had the link underlined and it said "This will NOT affect your fico score" within less then 10 seconds I got a notification saying a new hard inquiry had been made. So when I go to call them the number listed is their fax. So I am quite disappointed with them in this respect.
Allison Perkins | 2016-09-10 20:38:29
What a shoddy attempt at entrepreneurship. I was sent a single piece of paper with a handwritten address (I promise you) on the envelope with what looked like the most phony request for my money, ink cartridge running low on standard gradient black-and-white low budget paper. I had to call "First Mutual Financial Piano Credit Company" to inquire what my bill was for, as there was only a statement of what I owe and a request for payment. I left an annoyed voicemail, as I haven't financed a piano in ages. When I finally discover that my nominal loan bill was for a cosmetic service I had agreed to finance, I went online to sign up for automatic payments because it's 2016 and I didn't think these people had it in them to spring for such a modern payment service. There is no balance on the website, only the dates of your payments (you have to wait 3-4 days for a payment to process, but they don't even wait a day to call and remind you). I don't even receive emails, I receive upside-down envelopes containing paper statements stating the balance which I owe along with how I would save money if I pay it off in full. Informative. A pie chart would be nice, a timeline, a picture of an abacus. Anything. I digress. A late fee has now accrued, and some poorly trained employee is now calling and leaving one voicemail for every four calls without stating what she's calling for, who she's calling with, and demanding I call "us" back "right away". Not user-friendly nor getting a customer service award anytime soon.

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