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Address: 4000 U.S. 93 S, Kalispell, MT 59901, USA
Phone: (406) 257-4570

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CrazyChickenMFK5 | 2013-09-06 03:47:19
Extremely rude owner.
RJ R | 2013-08-14 10:42:20
This is the shadiest pawn shop I've ever seen. Where to begin? The massive amount of porn? The claustrophobic store space? The layer of grime that covers the shelves? Perhaps I should start with the creepy-as-heck store owner that made inappropriate comments to my wife when we were there. As if that weren't enough, the asking prices are outrageous...$175 for a 10-year-old iPod. Save yourself the trip and skip this one.
Matthew Aldrich | 2014-04-16 20:52:36
Stepping inside for the first time, an initial impression toward this pawn shop is likely to be summarized by the word "cluttered" - this is not a mark against it. The Wooden Nickel is as a pawn shop of the old-school in that it observably disregards the trends of other shops, foregoing "will this sell?" in favor of "is this interesting?" And if you look around a bit, you're bound to find much that is, particularly in terms of decades-old militaria and vintage video games; certainly worth mentioning is the attached Brute Audio shop, which bears a GLORIOUS inventory for vehicle sound systems. All around the prices are standard if not lower than general expectation; my only grievance is the location, which is isolated from nearby commercial centers while lying adjacent to an establishment apparently run by hoarders. A pair of previous comments regarding the proprietor are a little entertaining if disingenuous, for while he does state his opinions quite frankly, his character is true and does not suffer from pretenses. I should probably recommend that if your constitution is oily and favors revenge-reviews over straight-shooting & haggling with dealers, you might consider avoiding pawn shops altogether; otherwise, give this place a shot - it'll probably surprise you.

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