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Bear Paw Credit Union
Address: 201 2nd St, Havre, MT 59501, USA
Phone: (406) 265-9626

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This page contains all information about Bear Paw Credit Union in Havre, Montana (MT), including address, website, phone number and reviews

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Review Bear Paw Credit Union

Colin Olmstead | 2017-02-02 02:36:07
yes, credit union is the place to go
john townsend | 2016-08-04 21:07:18
Worst bank in town no customer support of you want a small town bank go to independence bank they will treat you right
Silph Ibuka | 2016-08-19 16:58:05
Never had any troubles, been banking here for years, people are nice and very helpful
Lynn Cliff | 2017-01-08 21:12:03
Can't even get ahold of anyone on the weekend, no customer service. They freeze your debit card and your stuck until the bank opens back, how are we supposed to spend our money if we can't use our debit card, supper frustrating
Jacob Cantrell | 2017-02-03 23:56:57
Honestly, one of the worst places for Customer service. Every month I call the receptionist to pay my Credit card bill and every month it takes multiple times to get through. When the receptionist decides to pick up the phone I get transferred to the tellers and then it's another crap shoot. Will they pick up the phone? I have had enough of their horrible customer service. I WILL be changing who I bank with and I WILL tell everyone I know not to bank through Bear Paw CU. On a side note, their Mobile online banking is pretty basic. You can't pay your bills on it and you constantly have to update your security questions. So basically, they have Horrible Customer service, I mean the worst I've dealt with. Their Mobile banking is a joke and don't even think about driving down there. No parking and the lines are sooooo long and only 2 tellers working. Reminds me of the USPS, and that's not a good thing.

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