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Postal & Community Credit Union
Address: 402 U.S. 71, Savannah, MO 64485, USA
Phone: (816) 324-1412

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Tiffany Swope | 2016-04-22 17:23:34
It's best place I found to all my banking needs.
AM SM | 2016-08-16 02:05:36
I have been banking here for not even a year after a friend recommended this credit union. It has been an unpleasant experience from the start. This credit union is not user friendly - I had to set up online banking myself without much direction or assistance from them. They also will charge you $2 every time you use your debit card as "debit." So, I have to constantly use my card as "credit." If I shop on Amazon, you guessed it: $2 for EVERY CHARGE. They will hold any check, whether it is from a person or a company, and you won't be able to access the money for several days. They offer NO overdraft protection (and no, I don't constantly overdraw my account, but it's nice to have a safety net just in case). I also had to wait for nearly 2 weeks for my debit card to be sent to me. And finally, every time I have called them or gone in to the office, they are just plain rude. I just signed up with Nodaway Bank - much better experience already. And yes, I deposited a check and the funds were readily available, debit card was made right there at the bank, overdraft protection is in place after 30 days, and they were super nice (not just to me, but to every customer who walked in as I was setting up my account). Postal & Community Credit Union should look to Nodaway for direction on how to run a financial institution. I would highly recommend AVOIDING banking at Postal & Community Credit Union. You'll just be frustrated and treated poorly.

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