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Bank of America Financial Center
Address: 1818 E North Ave, Belton, MO 64012, USA
Phone: (816) 979-4655
Time Work Monday: 09:00-16:00
Tuesday: 09:00-16:00
Wednesday: 09:00-16:00
Thursday: 09:00-16:00
Friday: 09:00-17:00
Saturday: 09:00-12:00
Sunday: close

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Jason Marshall | 2016-03-02 01:59:06
Went here to get a temporary debit card because I had lost my wallet. I was told over the phone by the online services that I could go into any branch and pick up a temporary debit card. Well since I didn't have my DL they wouldn't allow me to get the temp debit card. I showed them a pic of the DL on my phone. Not good enough. They said I had to have the actual card. Or I could get a state ID. I informed them that I have no money because my wallet is gone. So how can I pay for an ID card. I was told to take a seat and wait to speak to the manager. I sit down wait 20 minutes, the manager's lackey comes back out and tells me I'm sorry the manager (Doug might be his name. I never met him so who knows) is on a conference call and can't speak with me. I guess conference calls are more important than customers. The manager's lackey (never got her name) tells me there is nothing they can do for me. I ask can I do withdrawal. I have my account numbers and routing number. She doesn't even make an effort to help. Kept apologizing. I asked why can't they use the pic on my phone. She says they need to see the actual driver's license to look for.... water marks. I stated that was horseshit. I said you need to have the manager come out and speak to me. She says he's on a conference call and will be tied up for awhile. Then she asks me to leave like I did something wrong. I asked is there anyway to do a withdrawal so I can take the money and get a state ID. She says again no. I say nothing else and leave. The plot thickens I go to a different BOA off of 63rd and Prospect. The manager was in the floor greeting customers not hiding in her office. I explain my situation again. She tells me that they can't give a temp debit card without state ID or a DL. However she says they can do a PIN verification and be able to withdraw some money she directs me to the line. I wait for 10 minutes. The young lady behind the counter helped me. After telling her what was going on she asks one question to another coworker and begins setting up the PIN verification. I type my PIN into the card reader and WOW! They are able to withdraw some of my money. I thank them and leave. After getting my state ID form I decide to go back to this BOA in Belton. The manager's lackey sees me walk in and suddenly ducks out of the bank lobby. A different teller directs me to a personal banker I get my temp debit card. I explain to this person my ordeal. She apologized (lot of apologies and little action from this place) and said she would have Doug call me today. This was 2 hours ago and still no call from this phantom manager Doug. Piss poor customer service.
Josiah Kratz | 2016-09-01 07:50:43
Wow! Was in quite the conundrum this past week and came into BOA Belton hoping I could take care of a recurring bill cycle issue! Was greeted at the door sat down and was helped by the wonderful Jessica! She Took the time to go over different plans of actions to address the issue and didn't act at all inconvenienced by the situation! Awesome experience and even gave a halfway decent credit card sales pitch in the end! Excellent service! Thanks!
Eric Huffman | 2016-12-20 19:46:14
Worst bank in America. Not just the belton location but the whole bank of America company is the worst bank. Won't be long before they are on the news again getting sued. What good is having a account here is they won't cash the checks you write to people? Find a real bank
Christina Schmidt | 2017-02-28 18:05:51
Always so friendly and helpful. The bank manager is warm and welcoming and has always rememberd me by name .

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