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Brian Poe & Associates
Address: 4910 Jonesboro Rd #101, Union City, GA 30291, USA
Phone: (770) 892-2230
Time Work Monday: 08:30-19:00
Tuesday: 08:30-19:00
Wednesday: 08:30-19:00
Thursday: 08:30-19:00
Friday: 08:30-19:00
Saturday: 08:30-13:30
Sunday: close

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Review Brian Poe & Associates

Atlanta Area Improvement | 2016-05-26 05:53:16
You're a joke!!! Had people waiting on you to do a closing and you stop answering your phone!!!!!!
dustin tuttle | 2016-08-28 22:28:33
Where to start. Life throws curve balls for sure but when is it enough? Like many people I just kept pushing through my financial woes and thought one day my credit would get better, one day I will be able to buy a house! One day never came. In fact, all the things I thought were good things like getting a credit card with a high APR because my FICO score was not great or taking that subprime car loan on a car I wanted with much higher miles. For a moment I thought things were looking up. Until I came into work and lost my job, things spiraled out of control fast and slowly the work I had put in was washed away by a monsoon of financial blows. My wife and I were really lost and I initially thought there is no way I can file for Bankruptcy be user that not what you’re supposed to do. That was my pride talking. 4 months into unemployment and no income creditors engulfed me at every corner my phone rang None stop like me number was programmed into every telemarketing company in the U.S had me in a call now section. It got to the point where my subprime auto loan lender was calling my children looking for me. After heavy prayer I realized I had to let the false since of pride down and take real action. I got lucky and the first Lawyer I found was Brian Poe and associates. With my new job 40 miles from home I was not sure how I could meet him for our initial consolation. He offered to stay later to meet me and I knew at that moment I was in good hands. Our first meeting was more like two friends sitting down talking about what I need to do to be successful. I immediately felt at peace and that my worries were soon to be lessened immensely. See many attorneys talk about bankruptcy and many do a lot successfully, but do they actually care about your ongoing success after they have your money and case filed. Attorney Brian Poe introduced me to his network of success from friends who handle auto loan program for people fresh out of bankruptcy to people geared at helping you understanding your finical situation and how to never get their again. Brian Poe and associates are not just a bankruptcy attorney to get you a court date. To me it was like a fraternity or network of likeminded people with the common goal to help others step out of the ash and rubble of their financial woes like a Phoenix does from ashes. My family and I are so grateful for making this choice. Today for the first time in a long time I can go to a dealership and actually tell them what car I want not ask what car can I get, and this is done with a 1:1 with a handpicked friend of firm. I feel truly blessed to have taken this journey with my friends at Brian Poe and Associates. I hopefully will never have to file again but my relationship with them will be forever. If you are facing woes and life has gotten financially unbearable give them a call. They will work with and educate you on your options, and what is truly best for you. I had a choice to go with many different firms, but they wanted me to make an educated decision and go from there rather it was with them or another firm. Thank you Brian Poe and Associates for everything!
joseph dell | 2016-07-13 23:40:36
Truly professional organization of dedicated attorneys who put clients' needs first. My encounter with the firm concluded satisfactorily - on time and on budget! I would recommend them to anyone in need of dedicated and caring legal experts!
Lar'RIE Graham Eley | 2016-08-02 03:26:41
The staff was great and welcoming. Mr. Brian Poe was very thorough with my case and helped resolve my situation quickly and efficiently. Thank you so much Brian Poe Law Firm!
Kimberly Howell-Johnson | 2016-08-01 08:26:25
I was referred to Attorney Brian Poe by a friend. When I called to schedule an appointment, Mr Poe was very accommodating. My visit was not very long and I was able to determine immediately that I was going to select Brian Poe and Associates just by the wealth of information he quickly provided. His professionalism put me at ease in knowing that I made the right decision..

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