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Independent Dealers Advantage, LLC
Address: 780 Buford Hwy, Suwanee, GA 30024, USA
Phone: (678) 720-0555

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Review Independent Dealers Advantage, LLC

Beverly Hicks | 2016-10-07 02:35:22
Now being harassed bc their inspiration dept has not done their job they told me my insurance lapsed it did not and they are trying to charge me 95$ extra a month my old ins good till 8/11 my new insurance started 8/4... idiots
Jasmine Johnson | 2016-06-30 02:22:58
This company is literally the worst. I got my car at a buy here pay here.. and my loans are through this company. I have had my car for almost 3 years and I always make extra payments and my payments are ahead for the most part. I had a payment that was 17 damn dollars because I usually pay extra! Honestly I forgot about it. But it was JUST 17 dollars. And I got a phone call at my job about it! Never received a phone call on my cell number or an email or anything. They called my job saying they have been trying to contact me...over 17 dollars! Now I know they need their money.. but I know this is not how you should treat a customer who always pays extra!! And then Nikki has the worst attitude of them all!! She told me that when I make my next payment, that I need to call her to give her my confirmation number, when THEY are the ones who send me my confirmation number to my email every time! This company is so annoying. I am about to trade my car in JUST so I wont have to deal with this horrible customer service!
Cory Huffstetler | 2016-05-12 02:12:19
Would give 0 stars if possible. Since my wife and I have had our car, we have had nothing but troubles. The car needed a new transmission, $2700, this bank fought with us for 2 weeks. Finally we got our approval to have the payment deferred. Now, my wife is out of work for 3 months due to having to have surgery. I will be the only one working. We have sent them all the proof of this, and they still say it isn't enough to have the payments deferred or anything. I would not suggest this company.
daryl sturgies | 2016-12-22 01:12:01
Idk why everyone complains about this company they have been nothin but good to me! Always worked with me even when I lost my job. They don't hassle me every five mins either. Maybe if you guys can hold your word they wouldn't hassle you. That's all I can say.....
April Evans | 2017-02-10 01:09:23
This company is horrible. I got financed thru them. Had the car only two days.. I called them and let them know I might move out of town. Wasn't definitely going to move. They called the dealer and told them to get the car back because they are pulling out of deal. Like really!!!!! Where do they do that at. If you have a GPS on the car what's the problem??. IDA sucks big time.. I don't do public transportation, I wouldn't need a car if some idiot didn't totaled my car...Bad business these people!!!! I'm one of the good ones who would keep my car up and payments on time... Smh 400 thumbs down

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