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UNIFY Financial Credit Union
Address: International Rectifier, 41915 Business Park Dr, Temecula, CA 92590, USA
Phone: (877) 254-9328
Time Work Monday: close
Tuesday: 10:00-13:30, 14:00-18:00
Wednesday: close
Thursday: 10:00-13:30, 14:00-18:00
Friday: close
Saturday: close
Sunday: close

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Michael Perez | 2015-10-22 02:17:22
Great experience and a great bank!!
Clay Teel | 2016-05-26 19:53:44
If you are looking for a professional, well organized banking establishment that does whatever they can to provide you with a loan with great customer service, you should probably look elsewhere. You can read the whole story, but the bottom line is I have a credit score of 824 but since I've been at my current job for less than two years, they won't count the income in qualifying for a loan. I purchased a pre-owned car on Sunday, May 22 and was approved for an auto loan for 3.99% (their top tier for a 2008 car) based on my credit score of 824 alone. No proof of income, etc. I had five days to find a better rate with a different lender so I called Mission Fed on Monday morning around 10:00 AM. The representative advised me to fill out an application online, which I did. The notification indicated I would hear back in no more then two hours. Six hours later I still hadn't heard from them so I called back and was told I was conditionally approved but they needed a pay stub. I scanned and sent the pay stub and didn't hear back so I called again. Now, they needed two years of tax returns which I scanned and emailed. The next day (Tuesday) I hadn't heard back by 2:00 so I called and was told the loan processor was at lunch and they would have her call me. 4:00 rolls around and it's getting near quitting time so I called back yet again and was told the loan processor wasn't available. I indicated time was of the essence and asked the representative to please find someone in loan processing to get in touch with me. Around 5:00, the loan processor from the Temecula branch called me and apologized that there had been some kind of breakdown in their system and this was the first she'd become aware of my loan application. She looked it over and indicated they needed proof of my pension. Why they didn't figure out all the information they needed at once is a mystery. I scanned and sent my pension information and the loan processor told me she'd call the next morning. 10:00 rolls around and no call so I called her. She told me my loan had been denied because they couldn't use my income from my current job because I'd been there less than two years. So, even if you have outstanding credit but you've been at your current job less than two years, look elsewhere for an auto loan. And that's with a credit score of 824.

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