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Address: 5713 N Pershing Ave # C3, Stockton, CA 95207, USA
Phone: (209) 762-5500

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Shane Wilson | 2017-01-07 20:37:24
The worst experience buying a home I've ever had! My wife and I, along with our two kids and two puppies relocated from Gilbert, AZ to the California Central Valley area to help my father grow his small business. We were referred to Lynette from Prime Lending by our realtor when we expressed interest in looking for a new home. When we initial moved to California, were working with a lender, however, our realtor was confident that working with a local lender would be in our best interest. So we took her advice and began the process; we submitted all the documents Lynette requested and were very clear about our expectations for our new home. Once again Lynette gave us her vote of confidence and made it clear to us and our realtor that everything was in order and we could move further to putting an offer on a house. Soon after we discovered the good news that we had a solid loan, we immediately found a home we liked and that would bring the family together. Our offer was accepted by the seller and all we needed was just the formality to close on our home. Lynette was out of town during the 30 days period we were told it would take to close on the house. Even though Lynette was out of town, we assumed that someone would assist us on her behalf and everything will go as planned because some of her colleagues have been sending us signing documents in collaboration. We continued to sign the many documents over the next 30 days and on the day we were supposed to close we were given excuses after excuses on why we aren't getting the keys. 33 days after we're supposed to close.... Against my deep desire to walk away from the loan to prove a point to Lynette, my wife is so defeated that she convinced me to stay with Prime Lending but with the request that Lynette have no more contact with us. I'm appalled at the tremendous character flaws that Lynette has and that she is employed at Prime Lending given her gross incompetence and poor customer service. What we found out that the manager isn't too far off from Lynette. What's unfortunate is that this is already a very long story and I could go on and on about my experience/issues with Lynette. My hopes is that Lynette is disciplined for her unprofessionalism so no one else will go through what my family experienced.

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