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Address: 9339 E Foothill Blvd, Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730, USA

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David Cheng | 2014-02-09 05:30:06
Don't go here if you are working as a security guard. They won't help you. Sad.
Alex Daniel | 2016-08-26 04:52:47
My Name is Alexander and I am the logistics specialist for Expo Fit. I purchased a Money order from Walmart to cash out an employee.. I went to Cash N Go to cash the Money order and was given specific orders to stand for a camera shot by the employee, Write on a form my social, date of birth, next to kin, drivers license number,physical home address,phone number,more references, and finally an area for a finger print.I was even told to answer a call needed from the store phone to my cell phone number on the spot to check if it was my number. I was shocked at all the demands and procedures this company demanded mostly the in store camera shot, I've never been asked to take a photo unless it was a DMV, but I attended to move forward anyway with the hopes of finishing my transaction. Due to the Money Gram Money Order light colored Watermark symbol the Owner said that is was not real and was a fake money order also not able to help and completely rejected my request and poked a defacing hole through the money order, which could've caused horrible problems for the next destination which was Walmart where I originally purchased from. I was surprised to hear all of the response as I was clearly the one who purchased the money order directly from Walmart and had the stub/receipt just in case to prove.. With the focus no longer on cashing the check, I figured the owner wasn't going to move forward and I proceeded to leave. I then had just realized I literally gave him every personal detail of my privacy with a new picture taken on the spot short of a birth certificate and I completely felt embarrassed and extremely unsafe for doing so, with going through this felt as a gimmick or some type of marketing tool they do to every customer before checking if they can help clients or not.. I can't believe they requested me to do that without saying yes to cashing my money gram, Not really what I expected but hey, I don't know these days what companies are required to ask for.. So I asked for my sheet of information back and was told not to worry it will be shredded and discarded. I asked if I can see the paper shred, the owner then shred and said, see it's all shredded no worries.. I returned a question and asked if it was saved in his desktop, he said yes, and that he has over 60,000 personal Privacy accounts filed away with this type of information even if the customer doesn't do a transaction and that he cannot delete them. He said it was not possible to delete. I asked if that was legal, he replied and said yes.. I further requested his information and replied if everything checks out, then I'd stop and won't pursue any legal actions for violation of the privacy act, and especially as a retail location taking privacy information from a consumer without a transaction.. I went to Walmart and cashed the money order with just an ID and Social - They accepted - Attached is all my receipts from buying to cashing and the stub to match the money order.. I then contacted an attorney right away to find out the truth, and with answers they gave, I can start legal services to create a dialogue.. I will not pursue any action if my request is made and proven by returning this complaint within 15 days stating my information has been officially deleted out of their store. I would like my information deleted from this stores data base, and would like to never be contacted by him or any of his associates.. If my attorney and I believe there is a false statement made saying it has been deleted,and clearly has not, this regard will be forwarded over to higher legislatures and make that determination.. This is my complaint. Thank you.
Lyannette Zuniga | 2017-01-25 20:17:25
Very rude ass people. Don't walk inside very over dramatic

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