Zak's Famous 24 Hour Pawn Shop in Los Angeles, CA

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Zak's Famous 24 Hour Pawn Shop
Address: 6767 California Route 2, Los Angeles, CA 90038, USA
Phone: (323) 957-9400
Time Work Monday: close
Tuesday: close
Wednesday: close
Thursday: close
Friday: close
Saturday: close
Sunday: close

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About Zak's Famous 24 Hour Pawn Shop

This page contains all information about Zak's Famous 24 Hour Pawn Shop in Los Angeles, California (CA), including address, website, phone number and reviews

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Review Zak's Famous 24 Hour Pawn Shop

Skyler Vale | 2015-10-21 04:30:28
my experience with zak's pawn shop was very good. this is the same company as la pawn shop is that i why i came here. I was a client of their la pawn shop which was also great, but this place is closer to my house. its the biggest pawn shop I've ever been here and wow they had a lot of things there. ill be sure to come back
MartinP-1987 GAMER | 2017-02-15 09:29:31
I called to pawn power tools they told me to come and for what just to waste my time . After driving 30 min to there location . Just to offer me 30 dollars. I'm not a drug addic . For you guys to give me those prices
Danny Shaner | 2016-12-18 04:46:03
Friendly, professional and a great place to find hidden or not so hidden treasures. Clean, competitive and virtuous.
nicholas principe | 2017-03-07 07:11:59
Complete morons who barely speak English and offer crack head prices. To be avoided at all costs
brian dennis | 2017-04-04 08:40:05
Dear Damian. After pawning my 2k dollar laptop for a pathetic 150 dollars I was promised that if i returned that same time the following night (roughly 9) that I could pick it up interest free. That was a relief considering when i got there they were 15 minutes from switching shifts, "Joey" was too lazy to write my pawn so i had to wait that 15 minutes for david. David decided to be 15 minutes late so at this rate my time has been wasted. I returned the following day to get my laptop, at 820 this time just to be pushed out of the store by efrain, who again, before the end of his shift was even in the realm even being over decided to close early and make me wait for the night guy. The night guy apparently starts at odd times because yet again i had to wait until 915. Heres the best part, despite a red eye flight to detroit at 4 am they kept my merchandise claiming I wasnt there on time. I mean hey, who needs morals or to keep promises while owning a business..

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