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Westlake Financial Services
Address: 4751 Wilshire Blvd #100, Los Angeles, CA 90010, USA
Phone: (888) 893-7937
Time Work Monday: 05:00-19:00
Tuesday: 05:00-19:00
Wednesday: 05:00-19:00
Thursday: 05:00-19:00
Friday: 05:00-19:00
Saturday: close
Sunday: close

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Seve Moreno | 2017-04-20 17:50:53
This Lender is the worst. I signed up for auto pay two times and it never really went through. the first time that charged me twice for the same month. When I called them about it, they kept telling me they didn't take the money twice. until finally they realized it after I had to fight them about it. Then every month after that that kept telling me that I was late on my payments and that I wast enrolled in auto pay. I strongly advise against having anything to do with these people.
Mal Davis | 2017-03-25 19:22:35
If I could give 0 stars I would!! Since I purchased my vehicle it has been hell with this company. They have stated one thing could be done and then it can't. Or something could not be done, yet if it benefits the company it can now be done. This is thee most unethical, horribly staffed, discourteous, deceitful, unresponsive, mismanaged company I have ever encountered. I have called several times and for my complaints and issues and NEVER can I get a hold of someone that can actually assist me or even cares to do so. Stay FAR FAR AWAY if you can. If this company is your last resort - WALK!! It will save your sanity.
john muckle | 2017-04-19 20:38:59
I had a wonderful opportunity to talk to a professional. She characterized the true meaning of what customer service consist of. The customer service representative was courteous, kind, informative as well as knowledgeable. I personally think she need a promotion so others may learn to follow her example.
Kimberly Gurrusquieta | 2017-04-11 02:06:01
First of I would like to thank Westland Financial for financing my loan! I received my welcome call today to let me know about payment options when I asked in depth payment options like if I can make extra payments to get applied toward principal or my next months payment the gentleman didn't have any answers and told me to hang up and call the customer service number which I did and got an agent that disconnected the call. I called back and got a very nice lady who answered all my questions in depth and was so sweet about it, I work for a big company who also financials cars and I know the ins and outs of simple interest, like I said earlier I just wanted to know how my payments would be applied if i made extra payments... if toward interest or principal? I'm so glad I called back and got an agent who knew her stuff! She was extremely helpful, knowledgeable, and pleasant!!! Thank you so much!!
Brian B. | 2017-04-12 20:46:56
Pay your payments on time and you'll be fine. I called them to get an extension, but they couldn't. What they did instead was bump my payments up to a later date with no penalty, why? Because I always make my payments on time. Very friendly and helpful. I'm not saying that they're the best finance company out there, but there were very few that were willing to put me in a new car with affordable payments because I had some past credit issues. I'm serious about repairing it and they're helping me do that.

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