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Address: 701 S Pacific Ave, San Pedro, CA 90731, USA
Phone: (310) 547-1500

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Chris Esquivel | 2014-03-03 20:32:02
Good stuff
Shanine Jackson | 2013-02-25 20:41:26
Real nice and help work with you.
sheir mcstein | 2013-06-21 00:07:38
This Guy will ONLY take things made in the U.S. , he disregards anything of value and will close the door on you at any point if you even try to ask why he wont take it. I am not going to say he is racist but he certainly is only nice to one type of people and rude to the rest. I am an eyewitness. I had proof of value and was willing to take way less but this guy is insane. They will not work with you at all for anything!! He does Not care for his customers or people in need!!! He wont even let you take a look at the things he sells, and the second you walk in he locks the door and asks you what the heck do you want. Don't Go Here!! You Will regret it. He will sell your things before you will pay him back and will say he never met you!! Happened to many of my friends and myself and I had to place this here so that you don't get scammed by this looser!!
Lorna Salem | 2017-03-16 19:40:08
New guy! Patient and reasonable.

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