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Address: 9255 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90069, USA
Phone: (310) 273-2500

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Private Account | 2016-01-22 02:04:57
This business is 100% corrupt. Do not trust this "Bank." They will bleed you dry and one of your only options will be bankruptcy. They purposely create loans that are impossible to pay off so that they can put you out of business and resell the property. Getting a loan from this "bank" is the absolute worst decision you will make. Please do not put yourself through the same hardship that we had to face. If you have been a victim of this "bank's" corruption please report them.
st jalali | 2016-07-15 04:06:02
I totally agree. This bank is a total fraud. The name has been changed past few years twice, for many obvious reasons. I know 15 clients are working with FBI to destroy the key people from CEO to president to even the so called loan agents "assistants" to that obvious fraud man which is one of the key people Michael Saei running the show there with high % interest loan, a total ripoff. Some bogus loans this bank makes up for their clients, changes the term and payment due dates and the amount due as their clients push their way to get a better deal, some clients wising up. Some people work in this bank have a financial fraud in their resume. A professional and a commercial bank should be aware not to hire them. Soon, you can google this bank and see the key people are in jail. They've done so many illegal financial activities, and now time for them to get caught and put in prison, where they all belong. If you feel like I was any help to you, please withdraw your money from this bank, or you have to be getting it in a court for 5 years from now.

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