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Brothers Collateral Loans
Address: 5901 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90038, USA
Phone: (323) 462-5599
Time Work Monday: 10:00-17:00
Tuesday: 10:00-17:00
Wednesday: 10:00-17:00
Thursday: 10:00-17:00
Friday: 10:00-17:00
Saturday: 10:00-17:00
Sunday: close

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Stevan Hall | 2016-05-14 04:30:19
If you've ever thought going to a pawn shop was a seedy proposition then the owners of this one will totally change your ideas about pawn shops. Both Rudy and Ernie are so kind and happy to always see you and help you to accomplish your objectives. I have been going there for years and are the only pawn shop I go to because they make me feel important no matter what my circumstances. Brothers Collateral will definitely help you and open your eyes and confidence in dealing with pawn shops.
Jeannette Chai | 2016-11-14 03:56:04
Great customer service and super nice! A great little family owned establishment. Lots of cute and unique finds :)
Megan Smith | 2016-10-29 03:21:12
Absolutely terrible. It was the worst treatment I have ever received at a pawn shop. GO SOMEWHERE ELSE if you want to be treated like a human being. My boyfriend and I went in this morning. There were four people working and a few patrons. After explaining that we recently moved across the country and needed some extra cash, they had the nerve to make fun of us IN FRONT OF OTHER CUSTOMERS while three different workers passed us off to each other. It was our second time going to this pawn shop; my boyfriend tried to buy a bike that they were asking a ridiculous price for. The owner told him it was so high because he doesn't get enough bikes and always needs them. Today we brought a bike in and he looked and said what the hell do you think I'm going to do with a bike? He then proceeded to try to tell me that a sapphire ring I brought in had a lower gold content than it is stamped with. It is an estate piece that I've had evaluated and appraised by two separate jewelers, so I know he was lying. If you've read this far, then PLEASE be smart enough to go somewhere else. They're all jerks.
Marsalis Darino | 2017-02-21 00:39:10
Terrible service, overpriced ... a ripoff . They pretend to be knowledgeable on things they are not they practice ignorant behavior. They told me that my high end professional %100 carbon fiber tripod was low end and they offered me $20 for something worth $450 I walked out of the shop after being offered broken lenses and camera equipment at an almost brand new price. SAVE YOUR TIME AND GO TO ANOTHER SHOP THERE ARE SOO MANY IN THE AREA!!
Justin Moreno | 2017-01-17 04:41:50
Brothers collateral loans is by far the best place to go when you're in need of quality service, quality items and fast cash. Weather you need to buy or sell something their team will do their best to give you more bang for your buck! I trust this place entirely only showed nothing but integrity! Don't believe me see it for yourself.

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